Avoiding taxes

Today I’m writing a blog post because I don’t want to do my taxes. Although my Instagram feed and this website has been lacking in content lately, I’m still going strong in the writing game. I go to my weekly writing groups, my Sunday writing wife dates, I have paid for editors, more editors, beta-readers, and all sorts of things that can be listed as tax-deductible. However, I haven’t exactly kept track of my finances. So now that it’s time to file my taxes , I’m being forced to crawl through the bank statements for all of my accounts and note my expenses (note I didn’t say income).

Fun…not. So I’m blogging!

Helping Hands

The Erotica Challenge that I started last year has lead to a short story called Helping Hands. It’s short piece, only about 30 pages, that I personally enjoyed writing and editing. But as I’m going through the process to get it self-published, writer insecurities keep popping up.

What if nobody likes my story?

This has been a new concern as of late. Like I said, I loved writing my story. I took it to writing groups, and got mixed feedback, but I wasn’t really deterred. But now we’re closer to the end. I’ve had two editors review it, and a handful of beta readers.

Two of my beta readers said that my story is 100% not their kink and was not able to enjoy the story because of it. That was my first ‘oh shit’ moment. Like not only could people not like my stuff, but I could possibly get some pretty serious backlash from it.

But wait, there’s more!

When I was looking for a cover designer, the very first cover designer I reached out to said (and I quote): I got halfway through and before I decided this isn’t for me. Right now, I’m trying to build a book cover portfolio that will hopefully lead to bigger things in the future, but not in this direction.

That literally made my heart hurt. Like I wasn’t asking for a free cover. I wanted to give him money to make something for me. And he hated my story so much that he didn’t even want to take my money.

I’m trying not to let my writer insecurities hold me back, but even now, when trying to go through some last minute edits, I’m finding it hard to keep motivated.

Erotica Writing Challenge

A friend and I are doing a writing challenge. 10,000 word erotica novella. For me the whole goal was to write a short story from beginning, middle to the end. We created polishing/editing breaks in the middle as well so that at the end of the challenge, we should be ready to publish it. If either of us fail the challenge, we have to pay the price or receive punishment. His punishment (because he only likes FemDom) is to write a Male Dominated Erotica at the end. My challenge is to go to a bird pet store (I have an unnatural fear of any flying animals.) Needless to say, neither of us wanted to lose.

Round One: The First Draft

The challenge started on March 5th and went to March 19th. The goal of this round–for me–was to word vomit until I got a beginning, middle, and end to branch off of. My main character is a firefighter so I organized it by sections: Spark, Ember, Flames, Fire. They weren’t complete scenes, but at least I had a skeleton.

Review Edits Lull One

After round one, my challenge teammate and I exchanged our first drafts and gave feedback. I also took it to my writing critique group and between both parties, I had another bout of inspiration for the next round.

Round Two: The Polishing Draft

The second round of the Erotic Challenge started on April 9th and will end on April 23rd. I’m liking this challenge so much that I’m thinking of opening it up to more people. So, if you like the idea, send me a message, and we will get you linked up to our socializing channels. Or if you want to start from the beginning, I’m thinking of doing another challenge after this one is completed.

The Bodice Ripper is Released!

The Bodice Ripper is now available on Amazon. You can read it free with Kindle Unlimited or purchase if for $2.99.

An Unusual Superhero.

Long flowing blond hair. A bare chiseled chest. Wash-board abs. And lithe, seductive, ever-moving hips. The Bodice Ripper is a virile visitor from the Deep South with powers, abilities, and techniques far beyond those of the average male escort. He can arouse the desires of stingy prudes, and pop cherries with his bare hands. And who, disguised as a southern hick, a crude-mouthed farmer, fights a never-ending battle for indulgence, debauchery and the American way.

Read on Amazon here: The Bodice Ripper

Prompt: Cyclops in Love

This was a really fun one for me to write. It’s super short, but I was giggling out loud at Starbucks as I typed it up. It’s good shit.


Prompt: A young cyclops works up the courage to flirt with a beautiful mermaid.

Taylah Morgan © 2017


Guessing the size of a woman’s chest is really hard work. Especially with monocular vision.

If I get her the large-sized shell brassiere and her nipples only reach to the mid of my palm, she may think my eyes disillusioned, my opinion of her lacking. But the tiny brazier would hint to yearnings of pebble-sized tits and unshaven pelvises. My desires, no different than those Talian Dolphins—the pedophiles of the sea.

It’s hard being a one-eyed Milky Cyclops. I am purple-helmeted underwater Spartan of Love who has been claimed from balls to head by the most beautiful mermaid in all the seas. All I want is to tell my lady love how my albino asparagus ripens at the attention of her creamy, strawberry-shortcake skin. How I yearn to gaze upon her snake-scaled fin with my large bulbous eye and slither between the taut mounds of her gilled breasts.

Just the thought of my forever love’s webbed face gleaming in glee makes me giddy and sprung like sticky sap atop Morning Wood.

That is why this gift must be perfect, it must be the wooden spear to strike her unawares and garner her attention, because not only is it a confession of my hymen-hammering intentions, but it also represents the shells of my love which shall lie forever next to her heart.

I purchase the large-sized shelled brassiere.

If her slime-covered flesh doesn’t fill it, I’ll feed her the spoils of my clam digging until she grows plump from my affections.

So Hot, It’s Sizzling – Summer Lovin’ Story Contest!

A member of my writing club advised me to start submitting some of my shorter erotic pieces to this website called Literotica. I’d never heard of it before, especially since I don’t necessarily read Erotica, I just write it. So yesterday, I visited the site, saw they were having a contest, and wrote a short little piece for it.

Hot Weather, Cold Water, Roving Cam

Taylah Morgan © 2017

I didn’t have a pool at home. I had a bath tub, a shower, and a sink. But none were submergible surfaces. None filled me like a cool giant body of water to dip my head in, float in, and swim around until my skin shriveled.

When my friend needed me to watch his house while he took off on vacation for earlier in the summer, I gladly accepted. No need for any payment. He had a diving board, a stone waterfall and a large, cool, pool.

I was outside, in his pool, every day. Sometimes two or three times a day. There were days I wore swimsuits, and there were days I didn’t. Feeling cold, chlorinated water in my pussy gave me a cool tingling experience.

Wearing my favorite pink bikini, and laying out on a large floater in the pool, I noticed the camera at the top of the sliding entrance door to the backyard. It was dark and small, and barely visible underneath the outdoor speaker. But it was there, and it followed me as I lazed the length of the large pool.

I stared at it underneath my large sunglasses. It must have watched me the past four days. No wonder my friend, hadn’t called to check on me. All he had to do was turn on the camera.

I forced back a smile. He would’ve gotten quite a view.

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