So Hot, It’s Sizzling – Summer Lovin’ Story Contest!

A member of my writing club advised me to start submitting some of my shorter erotic pieces to this website called Literotica. I’d never heard of it before, especially since I don’t necessarily read Erotica, I just write it. So yesterday, I visited the site, saw they were having a contest, and wrote a short little piece for it.

Hot Weather, Cold Water, Roving Cam

Taylah Morgan © 2017

I didn’t have a pool at home. I had a bath tub, a shower, and a sink. But none were submergible surfaces. None filled me like a cool giant body of water to dip my head in, float in, and swim around until my skin shriveled.

When my friend needed me to watch his house while he took off on vacation for earlier in the summer, I gladly accepted. No need for any payment. He had a diving board, a stone waterfall and a large, cool, pool.

I was outside, in his pool, every day. Sometimes two or three times a day. There were days I wore swimsuits, and there were days I didn’t. Feeling cold, chlorinated water in my pussy gave me a cool tingling experience.

Wearing my favorite pink bikini, and laying out on a large floater in the pool, I noticed the camera at the top of the sliding entrance door to the backyard. It was dark and small, and barely visible underneath the outdoor speaker. But it was there, and it followed me as I lazed the length of the large pool.

I stared at it underneath my large sunglasses. It must have watched me the past four days. No wonder my friend, hadn’t called to check on me. All he had to do was turn on the camera.

I forced back a smile. He would’ve gotten quite a view.

Feeling playful, and a bit vengeful at the idea of the hidden camera, I wanted to see if he really watched me. Tomorrow, when he came home, I would look him in the eyes and be able to tell. I first, had to give him a little show.

Running my warmed hand through the cool water, I cupped a handful of water and poured it on the top of my pink bikini bottom. The sensations already starting. I dragged my hand over the wet fabric before moving it aside to stroke myself, back and forth. I watched the camera the whole time, thinking of my friend watching me from his computer and stroking himself. The thought of his big prick stiffening turned me on.

Opening my legs wider, the hot sun and cooled air had already dried the water off my skin but my fingers were wet from my juices. Using the lubrication, I stuck two fingers in, lifting my hips up, to stick them deeper, and imagining the cock behind the camera filling me, just like my fingers.

My other hand lifted from out the water to make a cool caressing trail up my abdomen and to the tops of my bikini that covered my breast. I pushed the soft pink fabric up, freeing one of my tits and played around with my nipple. Twirling, then pulling, stroking, then pinching.

The heat, the water, my fingers, and finally the camera, turned me on more than I’d ever thought.

I added another finger and started pushing into myself, hard and deeper. The floaty underneath me shaking with my movements, and causing water to splash around. I grabbed hold of my entire boob. Squeezing with a bruising intensity, hoping the pain would bring me closer to orgasm.

Then, the camera moved. Just a little. But enough for me to notice. Enough to remind myself about the man behind it, controlling it, using it to watch me fuck myself. And I came, hard and loud.

Read the rest here: So Hot, It’s Sizzling – It’s The Literotica Annual Summer Lovin’ Story Contest!

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Also, my Literotica profile: Taylah Morgan

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