Erotica Writing Challenge

A friend and I are doing a writing challenge. 10,000 word erotica novella. For me the whole goal was to write a short story from beginning, middle to the end. We created polishing/editing breaks in the middle as well so that at the end of the challenge, we should be ready to publish it. If either of us fail the challenge, we have to pay the price or receive punishment. His punishment (because he only likes FemDom) is to write a Male Dominated Erotica at the end. My challenge is to go to a bird pet store (I have an unnatural fear of any flying animals.) Needless to say, neither of us wanted to lose.

Round One: The First Draft

The challenge started on March 5th and went to March 19th. The goal of this round–for me–was to word vomit until I got a beginning, middle, and end to branch off of. My main character is a firefighter so I organized it by sections: Spark, Ember, Flames, Fire. They weren’t complete scenes, but at least I had a skeleton.

Review Edits Lull One

After round one, my challenge teammate and I exchanged our first drafts and gave feedback. I also took it to my writing critique group and between both parties, I had another bout of inspiration for the next round.

Round Two: The Polishing Draft

The second round of the Erotic Challenge started on April 9th and will end on April 23rd. I’m liking this challenge so much that I’m thinking of opening it up to more people. So, if you like the idea, send me a message, and we will get you linked up to our socializing channels. Or if you want to start from the beginning, I’m thinking of doing another challenge after this one is completed.

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