Unusual Weapon

Writing Prompt: Unusual weapon.

This one’s a bit dark.

I’ve never seen a crayon used as a weapon before. Crayons meant laughing while coloring, cute animals, large rainbows, happiness, imagination – things, I used to miss. Seeing it used as a weapon tainted everything it used to represent.

My mother was MacGyver-like in her creativity.  She didn’t even think twice when he pulled up. Inviting him in with baking powder smeared on her face and an infectious smile as he walked through the door.  After the door was shut and locked her elbow connected with his nose and down he went.

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80 Year Lady has a Vitamin Reaction and Powerful Pussy

I belong to a writing group and sometimes we do inspiration exercises. This week’s inspiration exercise involved choosing prompts from a large top hat writing straight for fifteen minutes. I’m not sure I’ll ever do anything with these, but they sure are fun.

My prompts for today: 80 Year Lady has a Vitamin Reaction and Powerful Pussy

            I traded my virginity for a cold bottle of water and a bowl of polenta. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a virgin.

As I slip the cool hard egg between my legs and squeeze, I think about my Grandma C. Is it weird to think of a family member while tightening your vagina?

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